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Bespoke Developments

The Professional Services team at Flynet have extensive experience in bespoke development work and are experts in Host/Heritage system modernisation and migration.

The Flynet Software stack has a fully documented API designed specifically to allow organisations to develop their own applications and retain any respective USP’s that their particular system provides them. What might seem like an unwieldy project can seem quite straight forward to our team of highly seasoned professionals.Enabled with the Flynet toolset the Flynet professional services team have built highly sophisticated applications for our clients. The clients and projects have spanned many verticals and platforms and included diverse deliveries like virtualisation, mobile and cloud. Typical bespoke projects have included: 

  • UI/UX Migration
  • Heritage system Migration and Hybridisation
  • WebServices Creation
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Mobile application development
  • Cloud, Centralisation and Virtualisation