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Tesco Chooses Flynet

Leading retailer chooses Flynet to provide store staff with mobile access to pricing information.

In Store Mobile Devices

With Flynet's help Tesco have successfully implemented a major strategic initiative to improve stock control and maximise shelf utilisation. As part of this initiative staff have been provided with web-enabled mobile devices, which rely on a unique new software package to provide essential connectivity to the company's existing UNIX based pricing data. Flynet Viewer has proved invaluable in facilitating this connectivity.

Flynet's host integration services and Flynet Viewer software enabled Tesco to integrate our existing back office systems with new technologies. Flynet's expertise in host system integration gave us a reliable, cost effective solution for getting central pricing information onto Pocket PCs in the stores and from there onto the shelves. We have chosen Flynet as a preferred supplier of host connectivity and integration software and services. James McNulty, IT Buyer - Tesco Stores Limited