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Flynet Viewer TE Web Based Terminal Emulator Key Benefits

  • Connects to iSeries, Mainframe, Unix/Linux, VAX, VMS, MultiValue
  • BYOD – Out of the Box, Pure Responsive HTML to Any Browser
  • PC, Thin Client, Tablet, Mobile, any device any browser
  • Zero Client Side Software – No Plug ins or installs
  • As feature rich as full fat local client but maintained in one place
  • Supports most SSO products and IAM Strategies
  • Totally Secure – WebSockets & Latest SSL/TLS
  • Cloud Based, Data Centre or Local Hosting (can run on MS Azure)
  • Supports Virtualisation & Centralisation Strategies
  • Macro Wizards – Common Server and Client Tasks Reduced to a Key Press
  • Custom UI’s - Increase Accessibility
  • Fully Programmable - documented API
  • Full MS Office and Office 365 integration
  • Ultra High Performance - Engineered for the Web
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant