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Flynet Viewer Studio WS Modernisation and Migration for Mainframe iSeries UNIX VMS and MultiValue Key Benefits


  • Wizard driven W3C compliant WebService’s Creation for Heritage and Contemporary Systems
  • Create SOAP XML, RESTful XML, RESTful JSON web services
  • Heritage and Contemporary Systems Integration
  • Single View – Multiple Systems (e.g. Single View of Customer)
  • Increase Transparency – Compliance Ready
  • Connects to iSeries, Mainframe, Unix/Linux, VAX, MultiValue using traditional protocols
  • Connects to contemporary systems using ODBC
  • Increase Performance, Reduce Errors and Time
  • Time to Value Days not Years
  • Totally Secure – WebSockets & Latest SSL/TLS
  • Cloud Based, Data Centre or Local Hosting (can run on MS Azure)
  • Supports Virtualisation and Centralisation Strategies
  • Fully Programmable - documented API
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant