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Sam Barker's blog


GSE UK 2018 proved once again the vibrant health of the mainframe industry, with nearly 30 exhibitors, and hundreds of attendees converging on Whittlebury Hall from November 5th-7th. A mixture of experienced figures and brand new employees led to an energetic and rewarding event.

Technical sessions ranged from retrospectives of the 50-year history of the mainframe, updates in the world of DevOps, Data privacy, z/OS, cracking the glass ceiling and beyond. The expertise on display was broad, diverse and served as both entertaining content, and a vital industry update.

Flynet, Customer Support, and You

In a recent report published by TechTarget, talking to 500+ IT Decision Makers, it was revealed that 25% of software purchasers would consider switching their vendor if they experienced poor customer service. This eclipsed what might be traditionally considered as more immediate concerns, with security breaches placed at 22% and cost savings moving 17%. Clearly of all the compelling events which could hit a company, a bad experience with customer support can really shift opinions: and purchasing decisions.


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