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Never talk about dropped IBMi connections on a first date.

Whilst being a bit of a techie I’m highly reluctant to write pieces that by their very nature exclude a good number of non-technical folks from enjoying the content. Needless to say, one of my colleagues managed to nail me down to putting into black and white what I usually reserve for the deep tech meetings. It seems with remote working evolving from the “New Normal” to just “normal”, dropped connections need discussing.

50% More Working from Home after Covid19: Adjusting to the New Normal

By Christian Rule

For many of us, working from home is just our normal work life, it has been my life since 2003. However, the majority of folks still rock up to the office every day for their slice of the office grind. Then Covid19 came and pretty much all non-essential posts got to experience the sometimes curse and sometimes panacea of home working.


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