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50% More Working from Home after Covid19: Adjusting to the New Normal

By Christian Rule

For many of us, working from home is just our normal work life, it has been my life since 2003. However, the majority of folks still rock up to the office every day for their slice of the office grind. Then Covid19 came and pretty much all non-essential posts got to experience the sometimes curse and sometimes panacea of home working.

Helping Citrix, DaaS and Remote Workers who are Struggling with High Demand

From Emergency Access to Usable Systems and Productive Home Workers

We are currently seeing unprecedented, enterprise wide, deployments of virtual desktops- as organizations seek to rapidly enable their workforce to work from home. This was a logical reaction to ensure basic business continuity, but it is quickly becoming apparent that businesses require more than basic functionality to maintain operations and usability in the medium term.

Corporate VDI issues


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