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What SHARE 2018 says about the mainframe market

If anyone needed proof about the strength and vitality of the Mainframe in the modern workplace they could find it at SHARE St Louis. Held across 6 days in the impressive America’s Convention Centre, the convention was attended by over 1,000 mainframe professionals from some of the world’s largest organisations. Most impressively 320 first time registrations pointed to the real dynamism and long term prospects for the industry. SHARE is a forum where modern and classic, experienced and new mingle, and this proved to be a great environment for vendors to work in.

The Successful Agent of Change

I’ve spent the majority of the last 20 years delivering IT projects for various Fortune 500 and SME organisations, more recently I’ve moved to a software sales organisation where I’m often delivering IT integration projects attached to enterprise software sales. The interesting clear difference between the former and the latter is when an organisation presents the integrator with a purchase order, it is normally associated with a commercially binding contract and is a totally transparent payment for expected service/product delivery.


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