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Trial Flynet Terminal Emulation Software Download

Flynet Viewer is a high performance zero client terminal emulator for Mainframe, Unix/Linux, IBM i (iSeries/ AS400), VAX, VMS and MultiValue systems (or any system running a standard “green screen” protocol such as IBM 3270, 5250 or VT220).

Download now for the following benefits:

  • Installs in minutes
  • No client side software, no Java plugin no Active X
  • Unparalleled KMPG penetration tested security including support for Web Sockets and the latest SSL/TLS
  • Instant access from any device, with automatic device recognition and optimisation
  • Pure HTML emulation in any browser
  • Centrally managed and maintained
  • Client and server side macro creation and keyboard remapping
  • Macro Wizards, allowing tasks to be reduced to a single key stroke
  • Fully Programmable and documented API
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